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Rick Levine: Those Annoying Quincunxes and What To Do with Them @ Joyce Beers Community Center (between Panera and Aladdin's)
Nov 14 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm

Rick Levine

The 150-degree quincunx aspect is often dismissed as a non-aspect or as an irritant, but there is more to them than meets the eye. Rick will unfold the fascinating story of this most unstable point in the zodiac. The lecture will explore the deeper significance of the quincunx as well as how to interpret them natally and how to work with them in transit. We will learn why the inconjunct is incorrectly assumed to be a quincunx. We will explore the relationship between quincunxes and the keyword “adjustment.”

We will also explore the basic quincunx configuration, called a “Finger of God” or a “Yod.”  Why does the Yod hold such mystery? But on closer investigation, the quincunx-based Yod emerges as just the tip of an iceberg. We will see how the Finger of God can appear in other forms. The traditional Yod — although quite a powerful pattern — may be only a faint shadow of the more significant Yods based upon the quintile and septile aspect series. How do you find them? What do they mean? Why are they so important? Lots of chart examples will be used. This class is a real eye-opener for those interested in improving their skills with natal chart interpretation.

Rick Levine is a renowned astrologer, scholar and author. He is an active voice in the global astrology community, giving professional talks and seminars around the world, and has a special gift for bridging the gaps between astrology and spirituality, science and religion, the head and the heart. He is the author’s authentic daily horoscopes that are read by millions on AOL, MySpace, Huffington Post, LA Times and hundreds of other sites. Rick is a founder of, Kepler College, and co-authored eight years of the annual Your Astrology Guide (Sterling Press). His DVD is Quantum Astrology: Science, Spirit, and Our Place in the Cycles of History. His articles and poems have appeared in many magazines. He is a computer wizard, a net-junkie, a lover of fine red wine and is rumored to have a quad-core advanced Intel microprocessor imbedded in his brain.

Annual SDAS Solstice Party! @ Joyce Beers Community Center (between Panera and Aladdin's)
Dec 12 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Calling all SDAS members! Come join us at the annual SDAS holiday and winter solstice party featuring good food, good people, and good times. The winter solstice is the time when the dying light is reborn, so it is a time for reflection—and a lot of fun and celebration.

We will also have a short program that provides both a spiritual and historical representation of this as well as an opportunity to allow members and guests to reflect on the past year and to set intentions for the coming new year. This year’s program will no doubt have more than a splash of panache and great theater since a triumvirate of Leos is in charge of planning that part of the evening!

As we go to press the board is still discussing menu options, but please know that familiar well-received staples such as Aladdin’s Greek salad and an array of highly tempting desserts will be on the table as well as other yet-to-be-decided entrées.There will be a gluten-free alternative provided. If you would like to increase the selection by bringing your own gluten-free or vegan dish to share please let us know if you plan to do so by e-mailing

We are asking members to bring their favorite divination tools such as cards, stones, pendulum, or what ever works for you so we can have some interactive divination at the tables. (Please leave any entrails at home.)

This event is for SDAS members in good standing — and free. (You can renew or join at the door). Members are also invited to bring a guest — $10 fee per guest. Each member will also receive a free copy of the “Maynard Pocket Astrologer 2014.” Hope to see you there!