Bringing the stars...down to Earth

Inez Singletary: Re-visioning Astrology through Qabalah and Tarot @ Joyce Beers Community Center (between Panera and Aladdin's)
Aug 14 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm

InezSingletaryInez Singletary became an astrologer three Jupiter cycles ago (36 years). Not long after, she began her many years of study of Qabalah and its expressions in Tarot. Each card in the Tarot’s 22 major arcana represents either a planet or a sign, and she was fascinated to discover that the Tarot meaning goes more deeply into mystical knowledge and principles than traditional astrology. So this confluence has produced an on-going process of re-visioning of Inez’s astrology along with the language to better express the energies and opportunities indicated in the horoscope. This updating of her chart interpretation capacities enables her to give clients, among other things, the discovery of their potential for bright futures, even with what many astrologers would consider “difficult aspects.”

For example, if a client was facing Neptune conjunct her Sun at the same time that Saturn is squaring it, Inez wouldn’t want to give the interpretations she was taught years ago in astrology classes – that the client would more than likely be in for a confusing and frustrating time in which her world could be disassembled and that which she has counted on for the past 30 years could frustrate if not fail her. Inez would suggest re-interpretations of these planetary aspects of Neptune/Saturn with deeper roots that feed and sustain higher accomplishments, thereby shaping the client’s situation as part of his or her hero’s journey through the signs and houses.

It is these expanded astrological interpretations based on the Tarot she will share with SDAS members in her August lecture.

Inez Singletary became an astrological student during her Saturn Return 35 years ago, and became a reader and teacher during that time. Early on in her study of astrology, Inez was drawn to study the mystical science of Qabalah through Tarot through Builders of the Adytum. She calls astrology and tarot her gold and silver keys. Inez has lectured on the east and west coasts. She has written new and full moon meditations for 27 years, never missing a single lunation. These meditations can be read at her website.