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January 2015 Prediction Panel @ Joyce Beers Community Center (between Panera and Aladdin's)
Jan 9 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
January 2015 Prediction Panel @ Joyce Beers Community Center (between Panera and Aladdin's) | San Diego | California | United States

SDAS will kick off 2015 with a stellar panel of astrologers giving you their perspectives on the coming year—according to astrological indicators. We are excited to have all three presenters back this year as they are quite popular with SDAS members.

Donna Stellhorn, Western and Chinese astrologer, will show us how to welcome in 2015, the Year of the Wood Sheep. She will divulge how the energy of the Wood Sheep will affect world finances, domestic and foreign relations and, most importantly—how it will affect each of our lives, even if we’re not a Wood Sheep. And you will find out precisely what you are in Chinese astrology!

In the world of Western astrology, Loda Shaw will give us his perspective on “Trends for 2015: Change or business as usual for the United States.” He will examine four different charts of the United States to see potential upcoming trends for 2015, pulling unique perspectives each chart has to offer as indicators of whether potential trends point towards having a “business as usual” approach, robust change, or massive overhaul.

Diane Ronngren will also use the Western astrology platform for her presentation on “Potential and Opportunity for Each Zodiac Sign in 2015.” This is one of Diane’s favorite ways to take a look at the coming year. She will offer a mini-delineation of the 2015 possibilities for each Zodiac sign based on the New Year Chart for Southern California. She’ll take a look at our part of the world, as well as discuss our individual potential for opportunity and benefit in 2015.

All three presenters are skilled and experienced in astrological consultations, teaching classes, coaching, lecturing and workshops. Donna is the author of ten books including “Feng Shui Form,” “Sage & Smudge: Secrets of Clearing Your Personal Space,” and “Chinese Astrology: 2015 Year of the Wood Sheep.” She and Diane are both board members of the San Diego NCGR chapter. Loda is a board member of SDAS.

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Please join us for an informative and fun evening!