Bringing the stars...down to Earth

Horary Astrology, with Jim Hennum @ Joyce Beers Community Center
Feb 13 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Horary Astrology, with Jim Hennum @ Joyce Beers Community Center | San Diego | California | United States

One of the most frustrating challenging questions an astrologer can get from a client is: “Can you tell me yes or no, for certain?”  Modern astrological techniques, while they provide great guidance on possible avenues to explore, don’t tend to lend themselves to easy yes/no answers. And at one point or another, many of us are looking for a straightforward black and white answer.

Horary astrology, one of the oldest branches of astrology, serves exactly this purpose.  It has strict rules to follow to determine outcomes and provides pretty clear-cut yes/no answers.  It is one of the oldest branches of the discipline, and originally was taught to astrology students before they were even allowed to look at a client’s natal chart.

This doesn’t mean that you give up your interpretive techniques – they still come strongly into play, but horary gives you a neat unique set of instructions that guide you along the way.

Jim says his experience has been you can get results no matter what level your study of astrology.  The more you know, the better your results, and the more you can glean from the chart.  He started studying horary when still a relative newbie at astrology and still got useful results.  When O.J. Simpson was arraigned for trial, he cast a horary chart asking if O.J. would go to prison.  The chart predicted he would go free with great tumult amongst the population.  He is quick to say, “I don’t tell that story to blow my own horn, but, instead, to trumpet the remarkable qualities I have come to admire in this branch of astrology.”

Jim will give the basic rules for Horary and expand on some of the more advanced techniques during his talk—starting with how to frame the question—as well as present examples of charts he has cast in the past yielding useful results.

Jim began studying astrology in 1988 and began practicing professionally in 1993. He loves horary astrology and is fascinated by mundane astrology. He wrote a syndicated monthly sun sign column which appeared in Vision magazine. Early in his career he worked in the newspaper industry at the San Diego Tribune and the Los Angeles Times. He served for 14 years as Director of Publicity for SDAS, three years as its president, and as Director of Publicity and Marketing for the California Institute for Open Studies (the former Cadent Cross Institute). A typical Sagittarius, there have been many other arrows he has shot and briefly followed in the work arena. He holds a level 1 certification in Reiki and has led workshops of energy healing using his own offshoot of Burt Hellinger’s Family Systems work with an astrological basis.