Bringing the stars...down to Earth

Arlene Hougland – Using Astrology to Discover Your Dominant Brain Pattern @ Joyce Beers Community Center
May 9 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm

Arlene Hougland

Have you ever said, “What was he/she thinking?” or “What in God’s name was I thinking?” Of course you have, but have you then followed up with why?

Astro-Brain Dynamics© is an innovative approach to understanding our dominant brain pattern so we can gain insight into why we are attracted to and pay attention to certain thoughts, ideas, and attitudes and are repelled by others.

Using as a springboard the work of Carl Jung, Myers-Briggs, Katherine Benziger, Ned Hermann and others who have studied how our dominant brain pattern shapes our views of our world, Arlene has developed a method, based upon an individual’s natal astrology chart, for determining the dominant brain pattern.

Arlene will share her unique approach and her findings tested on several hundred charts. She will also offer brief descriptions of each of the 16 brain types, show sample charts and offer recent research into why it is important to develop the whole brain through integration of our natal planets.

Arlene is the President and Program Director of the Arizona Society of Astrologers in Phoenix. An avid student of human potential for over 30 years, she has studied and researched what motivates and inspires people to be their best. Combining both the intuitive arts and psychological research in her business, she has developed unique methods for helping her clients overcome challenges and reach their potential.

A true Renaissance woman, her educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Leadership and Organizational Management as well as a Master’s degree in Spiritual Counseling – added to which is training in Group Facilitation, Communications Skills and Emotional Intelligence, as well as Stand Up Comedy, Acting and Journalism.
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