Bringing the stars...down to Earth

Annual Readers Bazaar @ Joyce Beers Community Center (between Panera and Aladdin)
Jul 8 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm


The San Diego Astrological Society (SDAS) will host its annual fundraising bazaar—providing readers ready to serve you! Participants can choose one or two ten-minute readings from a selection of experienced psychics and other readers specializing in astrology, Tarot and runes. So come ready to explore your inner and outer realities at this once-a-year-only event. Have more than a peek into the “hot spots” of your present and future while at the same time helping to support SDAS—and bring a friend!

The fee is $10 per reading with a maximum of two readings for the evening (maybe more if there’s time). Price applies to members and guests alike. The SDAS library will have tables stacked with books for sale at wonderfully discounted prices. We will also have our usual offering of delicious diet busting food for refreshments along with some more sensible choices.

Take advantage of this opportunity to experience new specialties in these types of consultations you may not have explored before that may introduce you to new tools for personal insights. This event can even identify new areas you might want to pursue for future learning and study.

This is one of the ways we at SDAS are able to develop the financial resources necessary to bring you the top-notch astrological speakers that come to share their knowledge and wisdom with our group each month. We appreciate your support in making this bazaar a success and hope that you find some new insights in the process—as well as some fun!

Location: Joyce Beers Community Center, Hillcrest

Trauma, Healing and the Leo/Aquarius Polarity: Changing Lead Into Gold @ Joyce Beers Community Center (between Panera and Aladdin's)
Aug 12 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm


More people than we realize have survived episodic childhood sexual abuse and other violent trauma--a minimum of 20% according to conservative estimates by experts—a percentage Parker has found holds true in her consultations. Still astrological indicators of trauma in the birth chart remain largely invisible to most astrologers.

This presentation provides:

  • A description of the elements of trauma starting with its accompanying dissociation/re-association;
  • Reasons why PTSD should be considered more of an indicator of the healing process rather than a “disorder;”
  • How these indicators are contained within the archetypes of the Leo/Aquarius polarity,
  • Role of other Outer Planets; and
  • Specific house placements of those signs and their ruling planets in the birth chart that would indicate trauma.

Location: Joyce Beers Community Center, Hillcrest
Admission: $8 members SDAS/NCGR/SCAN; $14 non-members


debDeborah Smith Parker is a writer, astrologer, blogger, and author of two books: Humanus Astrologicus (2010) blends ancient astrological knowledge with modern wit and rhyme, easily taking the reader where no astrologer has gone before. The Horse that Haunts My Heart (2014) is a memoir of her teenage partnership with an unusual horse. An astrologer for more than 30 years, Parker increasingly focuses her work on connecting the seen with the unseen worlds for clients and readers. She lives in the San Diego area. Visit her website at