Bringing the stars...down to Earth

Secondary Progressions and Your Unfolding Potential @ Joyce Beers Community Center (between Panera and Aladdin's)
Sep 9 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Image: Unfolding Spacetime, by suhurmash

   Image: Unfolding Spacetime, by suhurmash

There are many aspects of astrology that attract a person to its study and practice. For many, astrology’s main attraction is its ability to forecast what the future may hold based on the potential of the natal chart. The unfolding of that potential over time is the domain of astrology’s various predictive techniques, including transits, secondary progressions, solar arc directions, and solar and lunar return charts.

Starting with the use of transits, we begin the practice of forecasting, seeing the birth chart’s potential unfold thru the use of daily planetary sky-pattern. Next comes the learning of Secondary Progressions, the technique of moving the birth chart forward in time by correlating each day after birth to one year of life. Secondary Progressions add an extra dimension to the astrologer’s tool box that, in combination with transits, provides a complete overview of future trends.

The basic principle of astrological prediction—“nothing happens unless it is promised in the natal chart” —holds true in interpreting Secondary Progressions as well. The natal potential needs to be understood in order for progressions to give insight into the coming year.

In this full-filled and educational lecture, Loda Shaw will show how to decipher and get the core meaning from the Secondary Progressed chart by presenting actual client case examples, and will demonstrate how to assess future trends using the natal chart in combination with Secondary Progressions.  


loda shawLoda Shaw has studied, taught, and practiced astrology for well over 30 years. With Judy Johns, he co-founded the Los Angeles-based ‘Round Art’ astrology group in 2001. Loda has lectured for numerous astrology groups in the western United States, is a member of the American Federation of Astrologers, and currently serves as Vice President of the San Diego Astrological Society. He holds as a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from the University of Phoenix and maintains a busy practice in Oceanside, California. Loda can be reached at