About Us

The San Diego Astrological Society was founded on April 5, 1974 at 8:04 pm and just went through its first Saturn Return -- emerging stronger and more vibrant than ever. For the last several years, we've hosted our monthly meetings on the SECOND FRIDAY OF THE MONTH at the Joyce Beers Center in San Diego's Hillcrest area.

SDAS Birthday chart

San Diego Astrological Birth Natal Chart (2)
April 5, 1974 8:04 PM PDT +7:00 San Diego, CA
32 N42 55 117 W09 23
Geocentric Tropical Placidus Mean Mode

Our Board of Directors meet the Wednesday prior to each meeting and are responsible for lining up speakers, recording the meeting to MP3 CDs, setting up workshops, soliciting articles, creating the bi-monthly newsletter "The Uranian", organizing our two big annual events: our fundraiser Astro-Bazaar each summer and our Winter Solstice party each Dec.