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Professional Affiliations
Master of Social Work, Yeshiva University, New York City
Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, New York City
Centre for Psychological Astrology, London
NCGR Level IV Certified

Laurie A. Baum, MSW, is a licensed psychotherapist and professional astrologer in private practice. She also is the author of Astrological Secrets for the New Millennium, Sacred Mysteries of Egypt, Whispers from the Cosmos: Sun Sign Personality Guide, Everything You Need to Know About Your Astrology Sign, and A to Z Acrophonology: Discover the Power of the Letters in Your Name.
Laurie has been profiled in Psychic New York and The 100 Top Psychics in America.
She has produced a series of cassette tapes & a CD to assist her international clientele. These include: Meditation-on-Tape, Healing-on-Tape, Secrets of the Seven Chakras, and Chakra Meditation (on CD).

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