Lecture: September 10th, 2021 @ 6:30pm PDT
Webinar with Daniel Beck

Please Note: This event has changed from in-person to an online webinar.

Astrology as A Form of Divination

What is Astrology? This question has vexed astrologers for millennia. However, one answer is that astrology is a form of divination much closer to its roots in omens and signs rather than celestial causes or correlations. In this presentation we’ll explore what it means to conceive of astrology as a form of divination and the history surrounding it. Come explore chart examples using an imaginative framework, see how clients often bear a message for the diviner, learn some practical techniques, and generally get into a fun, divinatory mood with a little bit of occult mumbo jumbo!

SDAS/NCGR/SCAN members: $8 | Guests: $14

Daniel Beck is a leading astrologer in the New Orleans, Louisiana area after having practiced in Connecticut. For many years a classical musician, he holds degrees from the New England Conservatory of Music and Yale University and conceives of astrology as a form of divination that lives more broadly in the humanities. To this end, Daniel spends much time exploring what artists, writers, and musicians have to say. Daniel aims to reach a wide audience having written horoscopes for Ambush Magazine that reach thousands while producing content that caters to intermediate and advanced astrologers through his blog and Star Love Podcast. He recently completed coursework through Kepler College where he learned how to draw astrology charts by hand and participated in the Venus Star Point Immersion Track through the Organization for Professional Astrology. He has made presentations about astrology and the humanities to the Company of Astrologers, NCGR Mid Hudson Valley, the Italian American Cultural Center, the New Orleans Astrology Meetup, and the East Bank Regional Library, and holds memberships with the Astrological Society of Connecticut and the Organization for Professional Astrology. Daniel has for the past few years undertaken ongoing supervision with astrologer Geoffrey Cornelius to keep himself honest! Visit Daniel at his website www.innermakeup.com


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PAST LECTURE: September 10th: “Astrology as A Form of Divination” In-Person Lecture with Daniel Beck

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