SDAS is delighted to host our astrologer Marie O’Neill


Friday, July 12, 2019
7:30 – 9:45 pm
Joyce Beers Community Center, Hillcrest

The use of Decanates has been around since Ptolemy.  Ancient astrologers recognized 48 constellations which consisted of the 12 signs and 36 extra-zodiacal constellations. These constellations were subdivided into approximate periods of 10 days and were called decans; which comes from the Greek word meaning ‘ten’. Therefore, each decanate is a ten-degree section of the zodiac.  The use of three of the four classical elements of water, air, earth and fire were added in modern times to further define the decans. This was done because ancient astrologers needed to account for the extra five or six days of the year; therefore, the division was approximate.  Adding triplicity provided the exact number of days which covers a 365-day year.

Decanates add another layer of understanding to the signs of the zodiac and their use is independent of the astrological system used by the astrologer.  In this session you will be taken on the mythological journey the classical world used to describe the constellations. The archetypal symbolism and astro-mythology will assist you in discovering clues to your personality, your character and the spiritual messages encoded in your birth chart. Charts of well-known figures will be used to demonstrate how the Decanates work.

Information for this talk comes mostly from the writings of C.C. Zain of The Church of Light in Albuquerque New Mexico – who was a contemporary of Alice Bailey. In addition, contemporary astrological research done by Dennis Sutton of Australia is being used.


SDAS/NCGR/SCAN members: $8 | Non-members: $14


Need a quick introduction or review of the language and concepts that will be featured in this evening’s lecture? Come to the Joyce Beers Community Center for a pre-lecture mini-class from 6:30 – 7:00 pm – free with your paid attendance for the evening’s lecture! Please arrive a few minutes early so you have time to register before the class begins.

Marie O’Neill MBA, DTM is the founder of Padma Life Coaching located in Santa Rosa California. Her specialties are: Astrology, Speaker/Life Coaching and Past Life Regression. Marie’s studies in astrology began more than 18 years ago. After years of study – attending lectures, workshops, reading and erecting charts; Marie added ‘Master Level – Evolutionary Astrologer’ to her tool chest – through Steven Forrest’s Apprenticeship Program.

In 2012 Marie also began studying Esoteric Astrology with Alan Oken, as her mentor. She has found it to be a beneficial addition to her tool box. Marie currently teaches Astrology workshops and classes at Kepler College, NORWAC, EA Zoom, NCGR, SFAS and UAC. She also does speaker coaching workshops for organizations, helping the team members enhance their presentation skills. Marie continues teach, do readings and spread the word about all the benefits of Astrology. For more information please visit her website





PAST EVENT: July 12, 2019: What Are Decanates, and Why Use Them?
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