Lecture : Friday, July 8th, 2022 @ 7:30pm PDT
Jim Hennum

Join us at the Joyce Beers Community Center – note the lecture start time: 7:30 pm

Mars Retrograde: Mars in Retreat? – Don’t Bet On It!

Mars is the planet that, perhaps, most reflects where we are going to focus our energies. This, I find, is especially true with Transiting Mars. Whichever one of your houses it is currently marching through, that is likely where you find yourself doing – and possibly achieving – the most progress.

So, what happens when Mars goes retrograde? (As it will late this autumn and into the first month of next year.) We’ll take a look at what Mars through the houses can bring and also what Mars retrograde might portend… No, really, I’m not that kind of “ooooo…scary transits, bury your head under the blankets” gloom and doom astrologer. I believe Mars retrograde can be a useful laser-like focus. We’ll take a look at how that may play out as well.


Jim Hennum began studying astrology in 1988 and began practicing professionally in 1993. He loves horary astrology and finds mundane astrology fascinating. In the past he has written a syndicated monthly sun sign column which appeared in, among other places, Vision magazine. In a previous life (!) he worked for 9 years in the newspaper industry, at the San Diego Tribune and the Los Angeles Times.

Jim currently is the Marketing Content Manager at Scantech Graphics, Inc., in San Diego.  He has served as President of SDAS in the past and resumed that post last year.  He served for 14 years off and on as Director of Publicity for SDAS, and Director of Publicity and Marketing for the California Institute for Open Studies (the former Cadent Cross Institute). A typical Sagittarius, there have been many other arrows Jim has shot and briefly followed in the work arena. He has his level 1 certification in Reiki and explores modalities of energy healing including Burt Hellinger’s Family Systems work with an astrological basis.


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PAST LECTURE: July 8th, 2022 – Jim Hennum: Mars Retrograde – Mars in Retreat? Don’t Bet On It!

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