March 2020 - Vedic Gemology

Lecture: August 14th, 2020 @ 6:30pm PT
Jeff Harman


Vedic Remedial Measures

Vedic Astrology, or Jyotisha from India, uses Sidereal Time and is a very useful astrological system. It offers remedial measures, such as mantras, yantras and prescription gemstones, which can correct imbalances in the chart. Learn how a Vedic astrologer prescribes gems based on natal and dasha cycle energies. There is a precise methodology for understanding the art of Vedic Planetary Gemology and remedial measures.

Remedial measures and gemstones have been used for thousands of years in every culture on earth. See how science reveals that meditation, prayers, remedial measures and gems have energetic effects on the human body. The metals used and placement of the gem are also relevant to the effect of a talismanic gemstone.

SDAS/NCGR/SCAN members: $8 | Guests: $14

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Jeff Harman

For forty-five years, Jeff Harman has studied many facets and disciplines of astrology. He has had the blessing of being exposed to many different religious, spiritual and mystical people, including Mother Theresa of Calcutta and many others. He taught Vedic astrology at Yogi Bhajans’s Yoga West in West Los Angeles, CA. He has spoken for groups such as IONS and the Association of Celebrity Personal Assistants, and he has appeared on numerous radio shows and podcasts including Coast to Coast AM, Fade to Black, and Veritas Radio.


PAST EVENT – Aug. 14, 2020: Vedic Remedial Measures w/ Jeff Harman

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