The Many changes of the past 2 years have made it clear to the board that SDAS is in the midst of growing pains. As our progressed moon conjoins Saturn in our chart in the 8th house, it is time to turn inward and dig deep.

SDAS has always thrived because of its membership and their active participation in events.  The Pandemic and webinars have thrown a wrench into our usual almost 40-year-old traditions.  Rather than let the 8th house signify doom and gloom, we recognize its role in psychology as a place of rebirth – shedding the old that doesn’t work and donning the new way that meshes with our ever-changing world.

So, we are taking a 2-month break while the board meets to hammer out a new plan of action.  Stay tuned for our rebirth just a few short months away.  As usual, we will post here on the website and also send out emails to our mailing list once the plan is clear.

Thanks for staying with us – we are excited to bring renewal to our strong organization and its dedicated membership.

Past Event: SDAS is taking a two-month hiatus to regroup

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