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San Diego Astrological Society Membership has its privileges! By becoming a member of SDAS, you will enjoy all of these exclusive benefits:

  • Subscription to The Uranian, the bi-monthly newsletter of the San Diego Astrological Society
  • Discounted admission to all SDAS monthly meetings and workshop events
  • Ability to purchase recordings of SDAS lectures and workshops
  • Professional Listing on SDAS website
  • Free admission to our annual Solstice Party
  • Reciprocal admission discounts with our sister organizations, NCGR San Diego and SCAN

Dues are $25 for a single membership or $35 for dual membership (two people at the same address), and are paid annually.

Becoming a Member of SDAS Becoming a member of SDAS is simple! All you need do is:

  1. Complete and submit the form below. When your form has been received, an acknowledgement message will appear on the screen.
  2. Pay your dues to complete your membership. For your convenience, we’ve created the option for you to pay your dues directly through PayPal. You don’t have to have a PayPal account in order to use this payment method! When you click on the payment button below and are forwarded to PayPal, simply click on the link that says, “No PayPal account? Pay using your credit or debit card.”

If you’d prefer, you can also mail in your membership dues to the address listed below, or pay them in person at the next monthly meeting of SDAS.

San Diego Astrological Society
PO Box 161458
San Diego, CA 92176

Once we’ve received your payment, you will automatically be added to our member list and start receiving your subscription to “The Uranian” with the next issue.

New Member Form

    Please check this box to indicate that by joining SDAS, you agree to abide by our Code of Ethics:

    I will hold inviolate, within the law, all private and personal information entrusted to me by a client. I will not use my knowledge to further selfish or criminal ends. I will endeavor, in all my professional activity, to maintain a high level of integrity, utilizing my knowledge and ability always for ends which are beneficial to humanity. I will always give my client the astrological indication of my analysis or interpretation, if asked, and will refrain from presenting future events as fated. Whenever my advice to a client is based on anything but a horoscope erected for the year, month, day, minute, and geographical location of the birth of the individual or location of the event, I agree to inform my client of any such alternate methods I am using, and not to represent these as accepted Astrological techniques.

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    After you submit this form, please use the payment button below the form to pay your dues and confirm your membership.

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    Renewing Member

    Annual Membership to SDAS is only $25.00 for a regular membership, $35.00 for dual membership (two members at the same address).

    If there are any changes to your contact information since last year, please contact the Membership Director: membership(at)