Lecture: November 14th, 2020 @ 6:30pm PT
Lynda Hill


Looking Back At 2020 Through The Sabian Symbols: and what does the Jupiter / Saturn conjunction in Aquarius behold?

The Sabian Symbols reveal, brilliantly and clearly, what is going on astrologically. What did the enormous retrograde seasons we’ve had in 2020 really reveal, including the Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter conjunctions? What were the Venus and Mars retrogrades telling us? The recent Mercury retrograde also had messages for us. And, what of the upcoming Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in Aquarius? Lynda will also discuss the Symbols for the cusp of the Pisces/Aquarius Ages. So much can be discovered through the Sabian Symbols, discovered in 1925 in San Diego, as they so amazingly describe what the degrees are presenting us through the transits.

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Lynda Hill

Lynda Hill is a FAA Certified Astrologer and has been consulting and lecturing around the globe for more than 30 years.  She is the author of The Sabian Oracle: 350 Degrees of Wisdom, a book that is recognized as the premier resource on the Sabian Symbols, a unique set of images to chart your destiny based on the zodiac.  She has written hundreds of astrological articles, has been published globally and has served on both state and national boards of the Federation of Australian Astrologers.

Lynda currently spends her time between Sydney and the Blue Mountains of Australia. For more information check out www.sabiansymbols.com


PAST EVENT – Nov. 13, 2020: Looking Back At 2020 Through The Sabian Symbols w/ Lynda Hill

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