Presentation: October 8th, 2021 @ 6:30pm PDT
Webinar with Laura Des Jardins

The Nodes: Past, Present and Future

The Lunar Nodes give us the connections made from past, present, and future lives and how they affect our potential to advance on our path both on a psychological and spiritual level. In this lecture, Laura shows how the nodes move on an 18.6-year cycle and how they affect our karmic choices in life.

SDAS/NCGR/SCAN members: $8 | Guests: $14

Astrologer Laura Des Jardins

Laura Des Jardins has been a professional astrologer for the past 40+ years. She is a nationwide, multi-media personality, having been interviewed by CBS Radio, the NBC “Today Show”, and she has had articles in People Magazine, Orange Coast Magazine, the Orange County Register as well as three feature articles in the Los Angeles Times Business Section. Laura has held “Staff Astrologer”, positions at various radio stations and national magazine publications, and was a lecturer consultant to the exclusive Golden Door Resort & Spa. Laura has also lectured with the Norwegian Cruise Lines, Princess Cruise lines and the Celebrity Cruise Lines. In addition, she is the author of Time Passages, which was made into a report writer called “Midpoint Keys” by Matrix Software. She was interviewed by the Learning and Discovery Channel on a show called “Prophecies The Millennium and Prophecies of Nostradamus”. She presently is the director of Southern California Astrological Network, which she founded in 1986 and was the former director of the Michigan Astrological Association. Laura more recently spoke at an Astrology Conferences in Belgrade, Serbia as well as Istanbul, Turkey, and Kolkata, India, and the Sedona Vedic Conference. For more information contact Laura at (714-612-7335) and or, or


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PAST LECTURE Ocober 8th: “The Nodes: Past, Present and Future,” Presentation with Laura Des Jardins

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