Panel Discussion: Oct 9th, 2020
SDAS Board Members

Beginning at 6:30 PM PT

2020 Election Panel

We’re facing the most pivotal and contentious presidential election of our lifetimes – and it’s happening November 3 at a retrograde Mars and stationary direct Mercury! What does it mean? Who will prevail? In our hotly-anticipated Election Panel, to be held on Zoom, our intrepid board members Jim Hennum, Mel LaFara, Dave Dean and Simone Butler will give short presentations on some aspect of the election, each followed by a discussion we hope you all will participate in! And did we mention it’s free? (courtesy of your donations).

We’ll be covering such diverse topics as transits to the Trump, Biden and Harris charts as well as peeking into the charts of the Republican and Democratic parties and the U.S. itself. We’ll also explore Election Day and Inauguration Day charts, and how the candidates’ charts match up with those. If time allows, we’ll explore additional factors such as the Electoral College, Tecumseh’s Curse, and anything else you might want to bring to the table! Mars will square Pluto the night of our meeting, so get ready for some a bit of rabble-rousing!




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PAST EVENT – Oct 9th, 2020: Election Panel Discussion w/ SDAS Board Members

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