April Elliott Kent: Meeting “The One”


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(March 2017) – Will you recognize the love of your life the moment you meet? Have you already met them without knowing it? And what if you were born on opposite sides of the world—what mighty astrological forces will it take to bring you together?

For years, clients have asked me when they might meet The One. I’ve never been fully convinced that there is one single person in all the world that’s meant for each of us, let alone one perfect moment when we’re destined to meet. But I’ll admit that I’m fascinated by the cosmic mechanics that somehow, against all odds, place two human beings in one another’s paths at just the right moment so that they can meet, and their story together can begin.

So, I asked people about their relationships. I looked at many, many charts of lovers and their first meetings, searching for common threads and reliable answers. And in this lecture, I incur the wrath of the relationship gods by trying to decode their wily methods of throwing two people together. What does it look like, in our birth charts and in the chart of that momentous first encounter, when worlds collide and we meet The One?

April Elliott Kent: Meeting “The One”