April Elliott Kent: Natal Lunar Phase and Relationships


In this July 2018 lecture, April Elliott Kent discusses the natal lunar phase and what it says about your needs and expectations in relationships.

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Two different narratives underscore every romantic partnership. One, driven by the passionate eroticism of sexual chemistry, is reflected in the astrology of Venus and Mars. But the other—a quieter tale of compatible temperaments and united purpose—is illustrated by the astrological connection between the Sun and Moon.

When the hormonal tidal wave of Venus and Mars recedes, the Sun and Moon are the relationship that’s left on the shore. And that, I believe, has everything to do with where you started out – including your relationship with Mom and Dad, the dazzling lights of your tiny world, and the relationship they modeled for you. These early relationships provide context to understanding your basic orientation toward the world, yourself, and others. And they are symbolized by the relationship between the Sun and Moon at your birth: the lunar phase. Your natal lunar phase suggests how you are wired for the give and take of human relationship. It symbolizes your expectations in relationship and even the sorts of people you’ll be happiest hanging around with.

In this lecture, we’ll look at the four lunar phase quadrants and compatibility, plus the importance of the natal Sun/Moon aspect. And finally, we’ll take a look at each of the eight major lunar phases – what do they offer, what do they need, and what can they learn in relationships?

April Elliott Kent: Natal Lunar Phase and Relationships