Armand Diaz: Moon and Mars in Relationship


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While astrologers usually look to Venus as the planet of relationship, the Moon and Mars are also key players. The Moon taps into deep security needs, and we often try to create in our personal relationships the sense of security we had – or didn’t have – as children, a process that can add strain to our partnerships. By exploring different lunar goddesses, we arrive at an enhanced understanding of the meaning of the Moon, going beyond the exclusively maternal images with which we are familiar.

Mars describes our assertiveness and aspects of our sexuality. The ability to make our needs and wants known rests on our awareness of what those needs are, but also in our determination to externalize our internal energies.

As our sense of gender identity changes, the association of a planet with masculine or feminine also transforms. Men no longer need to farm out their Moon to women partners, and women no longer require a man to display their Martial energies. Through the lens of popular culture, we can see how images of the Moon and Mars are changing (with the help of some asteroid goddesses), helping us to see past traditional interpretations of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ placements.

Armand Diaz: Moon and Mars in Relationship