Aubrie DeClerck: Chiron in Our Careers


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April 2017 – When looking at a chart for the root cause of pain at work, we might first investigate Saturn in the natal chart or by transit, or look at the 2nd, 6th and 10th houses for clues. But whether the pain is associated with a layoff, conflict on the job, or lack of direction for a career change, I invite you to expand your search just a little bit beyond Saturn – to Chiron. Its natal placement and transiting journey through the birthchart  symbolize a powerful pathway to motivation, confidence and right action.

In this interactive talk, we will:

  • explore Chiron’s telltale characteristics as applied to our work lives.
  • look at practical actions we can take in response.
  • learn how to actively use Chiron energy to identify our gifts and work with our inner challenges.

Starting with the Greek myth, and then moving into modern day archetypes and client examples, we will gain context for how Chiron operates as a catalyst, an invitation for positive change.  From the big picture of purpose at work to job search activities such as answering interview questions, Chiron can help.  Bring your questions and experience, and take practical ideas home with you!

Aubrie DeClerck: Chiron in Our Careers