Bob Mulligan: Astrology, Karma, & Reincarnation


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March 2018 – Astrology can be used to greatly speed up our personal transformation.  To fulfill the meaning of our chart, we need to understand how our personal strengths and weaknesses manifest in our everyday life. Because both sex and money can be stumbling blocks in our spiritual life, we will examine their indications in our own charts. We free ourselves through overcoming negative manifestations of Mars and Saturn; there are specific techniques for achieving this

Both our Moon’s Nodes and our natal Ascendant play a synthesizing role in our spiritual progress when correctly aligned with other ingredients within our horoscopes.  This can be achieved through some simple correlations between planets and chakras, opening doorways for raising our personal vibration.  Although a thorough understanding of the Zodiac is needed to use as a vehicle for overcoming the realm of Maya, there are a few simple keys that open new avenues for self-exploration.

Bob Mulligan: Astrology, Karma, & Reincarnation