Diane Ronngren: The Playground of Relationships


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The intimacy of personal relationships is one of the most important aspects of human experience – right up there with sustenance and shelter. We all tend to be aware of what type of personal environment we can tolerate vs. what would be ideal. Turn on the TV at any time and see advertisements and cooking shows offering tips on where and what to eat, depending on your ability to provide for yourself. We talk about our homes, our jobs and the food we like quite openly. However, our need to connect with (or avoid) others is probably the most hidden part of our secret selves.

Most of us can quite easily find others to be around, but our need for connection, intimacy, closeness, love are much harder to fulfill. This brings us to the subject of successful intimate relationships. Your astrological chart shows the map, and the hidden clues to finding and maintaining successful personal relationships. For this talk, bring your own chart, a pen, and your curiosity as Diane shares some useful tips with us.

Diane Ronngren: The Playground of Relationships