Donna Stellhorn: Finding Money in the Chart


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Many astrologers identify the ruler of the Second House with the way money comes to you, but is it the source of all of your financial resources? In this lecture Donna discusses how aspects to the Second House ruler form the energy network whereby all money enters your life. The aspects the Second House ruler makes to the rulers of the other money houses and the planets indicate where money can come from and how easy it will be to get. And the quality of those aspects will also indicate whether you will hold on to the money or if it will be lost.

If there’s a planet without an aspect to the Second House ruler’s network, it doesn’t matter how hard you work with the energy of this planet, money will not flow from that direction. You will need to look to another areas in your life for financial support. But unless your Second House ruler is unaspected, you have many money sources from which to draw. And if you have planets in the Second House they play a role in how you handle and hang on to money. Join us for this interesting lecture as we put the Second House under the magnifying glass to find the money in your chart and manifest it into your life.

Donna Stellhorn: Finding Money in the Chart