Kelly Surtees: Planets, Passions and Problems


LECTURE with PDF of presentation slides. August 2017. Kelly’s workshop is available as a separate recording.

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(Aug. 2017) – Everyone knows what Mars and Venus generally rule, and what the Moon usually symbolizes. But did you know there are specific topics associated with each planet, which are unique to your chart? By using the simple house rulership system, you can identify which planet is responsible for which topics in your life. Then, you can use a few older or traditional considerations to determine how well this planet is operating. This tells us whether you can find fulfillment or achieve your goals around each house and its related topics. There is so much more to the mojo and manifestation potential of your planets than their aspects.

By using a combination of tricks, you can quickly work out the potential for wealth or fertility, discover how happy relationships or family life may be, and discover a whole host of other insights that are totally individual to each chart.

In older forms of astrology, a planet’s condition was assessed by more than just sign, house and aspect. We’ll explore what some of those other features are, including essential dignity and debility, as well as accidental fortitudes and debilities.

You’ll learn how to consider the nuances of your planets, and discover the real messages and gifts they have to offer you. We’ll take a fresh look at aspects, and consider which aspect is most important in a chart overall.

You’ll see your planets in a new light, and discover deep, true insights about your authentic self.

Kelly Surtees: Planets, Passions and Problems