Mary Swick: Which Planet Rules Each Decade of Your Life?


In this lecture from February 2019, Las Vegas astrologer Mary Swick shares a simple but powerful technique for identifying which planet in your chart rules each decade of your life.

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Life changes. What starts out as a grand Jupiter adventure, may dissolve into a Neptune blur, only to face grave Pluto challenges. Some decades are more frustrating or easy than others. Gain greater insight into the order of your storyline, or those of clients.

Learn this simple method of identifying the planetary ruler of each decade of life based on an individual chart. Gain insight into the added significance of turning 20, 30, or 60. Focus will be placed on how to interpret a Saturn decade, versus a Uranus decade, or the challenges of stepping out of a Venus decade into a Mars decade.

This lecture is loaded with client stories and famous charts. Reframe your standard interpretations with the backdrop of the planet which is ruling the decade.


Mary Swick: Which Planet Rules Each Decade of Your Life?