Wade Caves: Thwarting Doctor Death


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(February 2017) Historically, astrology and natural philosophy formed the cornerstone of medicine. Through decumbiture charts, astrologers assessed the true root of an illness, identified its severity and also its cure, while forecasting the cycle of critical periods where illness was brought to peak.

This presentation explores the basics of humor theory, a system that was used to explain imbalances in the body that were believed to lead to disease. How do the individual qualities come together to create a temperament? What does it mean to have one quality in excess, and how is that seen in the chart? Using historical and modern chart examples, we will examine these questions and the judgment of decumbiture charts by practicing physician astrologers of the past and present.

We will not only explore what kinds of illnesses, diseases and cures are affected by each of the planets and signs, but the rationale behind the scheme. Finally, we will consider the doctrine of sympathy and antipathy in helping determine the cause of illness and the path to effective treatment.

Wade Caves: Thwarting Doctor Death