The Bahia on Mission Bay, site of the first-ever UAC!

As most of you know by now, the ginormous United Astrology Conference (UAC) will convene next May in Chicago, with top astrologers from all around the globe will come together for a week of learning and socializing.

But did you know that UAC got its start in San Diego? It’s true! The very first UAC was held in 1986 at the Bahia Hotel in Mission Bay!

Read about UAC 1986 in San Diego as well as the other seven UAC gatherings, at the UAC website.

And be sure to enjoy this video about UAC 1986! It gets going at about the .11 mark, and features a lot of familiar faces…

Part 1 – United Astrology Congress 1986 San Diego, CA from John Steinberg on Vimeo.

San Diego and the Origin of UAC

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