On April 5, 2019, at 5:49 pm, SDAS celebrates its 45th Solar Return! The Solar Return marks the moment each year when the Sun returns to its exact position at your birth – or in this case, the birth of our organization (on April 5, 1974, at 8:04 pm). A chart cast for the Solar Return moment gives a snapshot of the major themes that lie ahead in the coming year.

Begin by finding the Sun’s house placement – in this case, the 7th house, emphasizing partnerships – and the house that it rules. In this chart, Leo, ruled by the Sun, is on the cusp of the 11th house, the house of groups, organizations, and future plans. It looks like this is a year when SDAS will develop partnerships that will help move us toward the future!

Planetary aspects involving the Sun describe how easy or challenging these matters will tend to unfold, and how easy it is for the group (or individual) to flex its muscles and feel proud. I was amused to see a New Moon in our solar return chart, because one of the major developments in our secondary progressions this year is a progressed New Moon at 0.23 Gemini on Dec. 28, 2018!

Next, I usually look at the degree that’s rising on the Ascendant – in this chart, 29.12 Virgo – and find where that degree falls in the radix chart. That’s the area we will put front and center this year. For us, 29 Virgo falls in the 11th house, repeating the theme of long-term goals and group events.

Then, I’ll look at the planetary ruler of the Ascendant; here, it’s Mercury, and not at his strongest: in its detriment, conjunct Neptune, and square Jupiter! It’s a year when communication will require patience and intuition and misunderstandings will likely be common. These aspects to Mercury, and the 6th house stellium in Pisces, suggests that our membership will be particularly interested in learning more about spiritual, philosophical and health-related topics.

Finally, let’s look at the year’s major planetary signatures – you’ll remember them from our January meeting and workshop – and find out where they are influencing SDAS. The square from Jupiter to Neptune influences the 3rd and 6th houses; there are those communication issues again! But fortunately, the Moon approaches a close trine with Jupiter, and misunderstandings will be quickly resolved (unless they’re ignored altogether).

The conjunction of Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node must fall somewhere, and for us that’s the 4th house, with a square from the Sun and Moon. The Sagittarius rising in me sees a major foundation shift and possibly a restructuring of some kind. The Saturn in Capricorn in me sees more falling ceiling tiles and failing air conditioning in the place where we meet!

What do you see in our Solar Return chart for the year? Leave your comments below!

– April Elliott Kent, SDAS President

Happy Solar Return, SDAS!
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