In lieu of a pre-class for this lecture, we will be helping the speaker look up your Star Point and anoint you with its unique energies. Please arrive anytime from 6:30 onward to facilitate this process before the meeting starts. After finding your Venus Stargate, you can start filling in your worksheets and doing the Extra Credit. Then you’ll have a head-start and can more deeply understand the first half of the talk.  

Since ancient times, the celestial path Venus describes in the sky has fascinated cultures around the world. Revered as a Goddess, Venus’ journey is immortalized through mythic stories. Fortunately, today we can explore this path directly by walking the Venus Stargate Labyrinth. Jannine Oberg, co-creator of the Labyrinth, brings this path down to Earth to unveil your personal relationship to one of the five Venus Stargate Portals. By literally walking the path of Venus as she orbits the Sun over an eight year period, Venus reveals why she is called the Cosmic Heartbeat of the Universe.

In this interactive and personalized lecture we will open the five portals Venus creates as she travels the path of Love. As an introduction, we’ll view the astronomical orbit of Venus mapping out the complete Stargate Labyrinth. Along her path Venus dances the “Venus Earth Tango” around the Sun. Emerging slowly along the path, you will discover 5 Stargates, 2 pentagrams, 5 hearts, and the completed Sacred Venus Rose. Next we’ll explore your personal Venus Stargate and the Goddess gifts granted to you. Examples of charts will deepen our exploration. To close the lecture we will honor our sacred journey with a Venus blessing.

Note Pre-Lecture Look-up: The Venus Sun direct or retrograde conjunction that preceded your birth determines your Venus Stargate. See Arielle Guttman’s free table of conjunctions:

SDAS/NCGR/SCAN members: $8 | Guests: $14


Jannine Oberg began attending SDAS meetings in 1991 and has presented two previous talks to our members: The Hero’s Journey through Your Chart and Venus Unveiled. During her Saturn Return in 1984, Jannine began an unplanned two year period of mentoring from five astrologers. After the fifth one, she had a talk with the universe and said, “Enough – I got the message!” In 1987 she invented the ‘Star Caster’, an astrological oracle downloaded from her Irish ancestors.  Jannine was born with five planets in Libra, so Venus seems to be in constant communication with her! As a graduate of UCSD’s Career Counseling program and a Master’s Degree in Human Resources as well as several certificates, Jannine’s astrology and coaching clients have benefitted from her multi-faceted education (South Node Gemini, North Node Sagittarius).

This talk is based on the joint pursuit of Libran Jannine and her Taurean husband, Peter to create a walkable labyrinth based on the 8 year path of Venus around the Sun and Earth. After many years of attempting to bring the sacred geometry of Venus down to Earth, Peter figured out the math and The Venus Stargate Labyrinth was born in April of 2018. Temporarily chalked on the Seaside Center for Spiritual Living parking lot, finally Jannine and Peter and friends were able to actually walk the Venus Stargate Labyrinth. The information Jannine received from walking the labyrinth is what we’ll be exploring this evening.

PAST EVENT: Sept. 13, 2019: Discover the Stargates of Venus – Portals to Your Heart
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