We’re looking forward to welcoming Tucson astrologer SUSIE COX to SDAS in January 2018 for a lecture and workshop! Susie is a lot of fun, and she really knows her astrology. Since our October meeting offers a group discussion about the upcoming ingresses of Jupiter into Scorpio (and Saturn into Capricorn), we thought you might enjoy reading Susie’s recent article about Jupiter in Scorpio! Here’s a taste:

Once every twelve years, the big guy Jupiter moves through the intense sign of Scorpio, and that cycle is upon us again. Jupiter will enter Scorpio on October 11th and will remain there until November 9, 2018. Both Jupiter and Scorpio have big personalities and are prone to excess and extremism, so it’s going to be a wild ride. This dynamic duo deserves an article focusing on what they will likely bring to the world. Every combination has a positive as well as a challenging side, so let’s look at both….

Read the full article at Susie’s website!

Susie Cox on Jupiter in Scorpio

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