The Playground of Relationships
with Diane Ronngren

This post comes from our February 2018 speaker, Diane Ronngren.

Houses of the Natal Chart

Bait?  Human intimate relationships have evolved over millennia from the more brutal demands of the laws of survival of the fittest, where the strong young man hits the woman over her head and carries her off to his cave to impregnate her—to what we now define as “falling in love”. Whether we say we are looking for love, a soul mate, a twin flame, or a significant other, we hope to attract someone we recognize instantly as “the right one”, even as they simultaneously recognize us as their “one and only”! How do we prepare for this meeting? How do we present ourselves, or identify the right person for us? What is the criteria, where can we meet, how will we know when we have succeeded in our search? Obviously, in order to attract the right person, we need to see and be seen, to tempt and be tempted to make a connection. Let’s examine the angles of our charts for hints and insight.

Date?  I’m sure we have all been in a similar place at one time or another in our lives: the tormenting stage of building an intimate connection with another human being. Panic sets in and we reach for the phone to call a good friend (or in some cases, an astrologer) to get some advice on the potential for a much-desired relationship. In spite of thousands of magazine articles, books and media we may have consumed about this subject, each time we set out to become involved in an  intimate relationship, we still feel like it’s the first time. We remain totally uncertain, cautiously tentative. At this stage of what I prefer to call “The Mating Game”, the secrets to the hidden and buried concepts we each have somehow discovered about acceptable behavior can be explored in an examination of the 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th houses of the chart.

Mate?  The significance of the information carried in the fixed houses: 2nd, 5th, 8th, and 11th, is basically the recipe created by your own, singularly mysterious personality code, the unique combination of impressions and desires which form a significant part of your internal programming. These houses demonstrate your instinctual responses. The energy expressed here is unchanging, fixed, and determined. It’s almost as if the information contained in these houses is the true DNA of your personality, the blueprint for your responses in a “physical” sense to being authentic in a relationship.

Diane Ronngren C.A., Level IV, NCGR found a home on the board of Aquarius Workshops in the mid 1980’s, along with the opportunity to study with many brilliant astrologers on the West Coast of the U.S.A. From those days to now as VP of the San Diego Chapter of NCGR she has maintained a busy practice of her own while teaching, encouraging, and mentoring clients, students and colleagues. Diane is the co-founder of ETC Publishing and the author of numerous articles, series, columns, booklets and books on astrological and metaphysical topics. She lives and practices in North County San Diego.

The Playground of Relationships: Houses of the Natal Chart

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